Working with our foodie hero, Phil Howard

Four new contract openings means that this is a very busy time for us right now, with all members of our senior team working hard to ensure the existing kitchen teams bring the school food service up to the Cucina standard quickly and smoothly. It’s hard work, but very rewarding when we see the results of our work. The word ‘passionate’ gets thrown around a little too much these days, but it’s still the best way to describe our commitment to what we produce. It’s certainly what has driven the work we are now doing with our foodie hero Phil Howard, two Michelin Star chef of The Square restaurant in Mayfair.

If, like me, you’re a fan of the BBC’s Great British Menu you’d have some idea of just what a brilliantly inventive chef Phil is. More impressive for me though, is how he combines that creativity with an honest, grounded approach to cooking, allowing natural flavours of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to ‘sing’ through a dish. No doubt this honest approach to cooking had a great deal to do with his being named ‘Chefs’ Chef’ by his Michelin Star peers. It’s also why, when we were considering teaming with a high profile chef, he was No.1 on my list.

Phil is now busy completing our ‘British Classics’ range to mark British Food Fortnight. In all, Phil has created ten Cucina dishes for the ten days of this celebration of British food – with one of six mains and four desserts appearing each day. We’ve also brought out a commemorative mug to mark this partnership with Love British Food, and we’ll be attending the special Harvest Service in Birmingham Cathedral with two of our partner schools.

Some have asked me why we would bother with all this extra work and expense when we don’t really need to, especially in light of the fact that we are now just three contracts away from our stated target of 50 working contracts. The answer to that lies in what I’ve said all along – ever since we started the company. It’s never about what you say, it’s always about what you do, and in entering this partnership, we are doing what we say we do – pushing the boundaries in our quest to innovate and show just what is possible in school food.

It’s really exciting to know that we will be offering our customers some of the finest food our country can provide. You can collect all 10 of Phil’s recipes by visiting and ‘liking’ our facebook page here:

More about Phil Howard:

More about British Food Fortnight:,-partners-and-members-pages/cucina/


The full range of Phil Howard ‘British Classics’ for British Food Fortnight:

Salt and Pepper Drumsticks with Sweetcorn

Shepherd’s Baked Potato

Cauliflower Ham and Cheese Croquettes

Fish Finger Slaw and Lettuce Wrap

Pot Roasted Vegetables with a Soft Poached Egg

Pea and Bacon Soup with Sausage Roll and Rarebit

Beef and Sausage Cobbler

Hot Chocolate Fudge Pudding

Salted Chocolate and Caramel Pots with Lime Shortbread

Orange Beignets with Lemon Posset

Vanilla Cream with Blackcurrant Jelly


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