What music do you think we should play at our Cucina Royal Wedding parties?

I’m delighted to tell you that on Thursday 28 April, Cucina will be hosting Royal Wedding parties at each of its partner schools. All the planning is now done and we’re ready to roll. Well, apart from the music that is – so give us your ideas! Just click on the link below to suggest tunes/songs/anthems that we could play during the festivities.

I don’t think it matters whether you are a Royalist or not – this Royal Wedding is a fabulous opportunity for us to get together as a nation and celebrate our British culture and history. Us Brits are famous for a healthy ability to knock ourselves, but you know, sometimes I think we’re just a little bit too good at putting ourselves down.

You’ve heard all the lines: The Royal family is a drain on our economy, blah, blah blah. Well, everyone’s entitled to their view. But let’s not forget that there’s actually a huge amount that we British should be proud of. International interest in the Royal Wedding is massive – they say the TV audience will be one of the biggest ever. Just think of the boost that will give our nation.

Street parties are a time-honoured way for us to celebrate together, and I’m sure that our Cucina parties will bring staff and students together in a real spirit of fun and pride in ourselves. (As well as being a nice way to prepare for a chilled-out day off on Friday!)

We’ll be presenting a specially prepared party menu on the day with all sorts of delicious and traditional zany items like royal toast and pineapples on sticks, as well as sumptuous slices of Royal Wedding Cake.

So come on then, folks! Let’s have your suggestions about the music. Classical? Modern? Or just something rousing and patriotic? Click the link below and have your say:

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