Top Banana Topped: Check out our updated (and free) iPhone App

I’d love you to check out our free and newly-updated iPhone App (Top Banana Recipe Cards) if you haven’t already seen it you can do so here:

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that we’ve designed the App with one main objective in mind – to get kids into the kitchen. Or in fact, anybody who lacks confidence or experience creating and serving food for their families and friends.

Our ongoing quest is to bring to current generations of young people a love of good food – preparing it, cooking it, serving it and enjoying it with others. That’s very much what this App is about.

Many of the recipes on the App’s cards are from Cucina’s actual school menus, which means that kids can have a go at creating some of the dishes they enjoy at school.

The idea is for people to start at ‘Assemble’ section and then work through the  ‘Cook’ and ‘Impress’ sections when they’ve had some success. The easiest recipes require hardly any actual expertise and can almost be worked out from the pictures. Then once people have experienced some success in following the cards, they can go on to the new ‘Special’ recipe section.

We’ve also included some ‘celebration’ recipes in the update – birthday party ideas and that kind of thing. The App takes you through everything from start to finish. So you take your phone to the shop, and just tick off the ingredients as you pick them up. The recipes have been written to serve 4 people, but we’ve added some functionality to  let you change the quantities; if you want to cook for twelve, you just  put your number in and it will multiply the ingredients up for you!

You can also create your own recipes, take pictures and send them in to Ian, our head chef ( Ian will take a look at your recipe and give some constructive comments on it, with any suggestions to improve the dish.

We’ve seen quite a few kids download the App so far, and we’re getting the word out through whole-school and year group assemblies. We’ve had good feedback so far, and we know the long-term success of the App is how people talk about it and use it. Our Twitter feed is built into the App, as are email templates to tell your friends about it.

As with all such ‘cutting edge’ ventures, ‘Top Banana’ is very much a work in progress, with its development shaped by those who use it. We’re already working on an Android version, which we are sure, will bring it to many more young people.

I’d love to hear your views on Top Banana, so please get the free download and let me know your thoughts – or send us your latest brilliant creation!

Till next time,


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