The answer is 12, but what’s the question? Clue: it’s about school Christmas Dinners!

The world might be changing at a quicker rate than it ever has done but I still think there is much for us to be excited about. But even with so many truly exciting and inspirational things going on in so many fields, we will always be comforted and ‘anchored’ by the great traditions like Christmas.

What I love most about Christmas is that people are afforded plenty of time to enjoy good food together. And that goes for students at school too, which is why I’m so thrilled with our new Christmas Menus theme which we’re just about to start in all our schools. We always do something special for Christmas, but this is our biggest and best idea so far.

This year all our school restaurants will experience The 12 days of Christmas. There will be 3 different Christmas items on the menu every day till the end of term, with – you guessed it – the day 12 menu on the last day of each school’s term.

We’ve developed the spec, written the menus for all the teams, made the food, photographed it. The packs have gone out to the teams with exact instructions on what to do. All they need to do now is make the food and serve it!

As well as the standard range of food options, the menus such items as: Christmas Wellington, Brie and Cranberry Ciabata, Turkey Meatball Sub, Snowball Brownie, Chocolate Orange Trifle and of course…mince pies. Please go and check out the full menu:

We’ll have plenty of pics and reports of the festive action next week, so I hope you can come back and visit our ‘Cucina news section’.

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