Lets have more ‘Martha’s’ blogs!

The recent media story of young Martha Payne’s blog ( NeverSeconds: http://neverseconds.blogspot.co.uk ) should be an inspiration to us all.

Not only is this young girl making a difference to the lives of many less fortunate than her, she is also demonstrating what can be done by young people to help drive better eating and higher food standards.

It’s been incorrectly implied by some of the press that the purpose of Martha’s blog is to tell the world about her ‘terrible’ school dinners. This suggests an agenda which doesn’t actually exist.

Go to the blog and you’ll see that this nine year-old actually enjoys quite a few of her school meals and is happy to rate them as such. She’s developed her own rating system which is now being copied by other kids around the world.

And that’s the thing which excites me about all of this.

I’ve long held the view that we must give young people the means to be a powerful agent for change. Which is why I keep talking about school students being ‘customers’, not just kids who need to have things foisted on them. Sometimes our young customers experience food that is completely unknown to their parents.

Education has changed since the bad old days – thank goodness. Nowadays kids have opportunities to participate in the curriculum and help shape it. Which is why I say let’s have more blogs like Martha’s. None of us should be afraid of feedback. We should welcome it with open arms, because this is what drives us on to greater things.

I’m justifiably proud of the food our teams work so hard to create every day. But we’ll always seek the opinions of those whom we are feeding. Which is why we are now thinking seriously what we can do to build on the Martha’s blogging idea. I would love more of this kind of student participation.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts on this issue, I’d love you to post them here.

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