A great way to get our daily bread

A great way to get our daily bread

Not long ago, we signed with an Oxford bakery called Brown Sugar, who now bake all our breads for us, as well as providing all of our flour.

I mention this because it’s a nice follow-up to all those things I’ve been saying about ‘locally-sourced’ and the problems associated with food inflation.

With food inflation as it is, bread is one of the products that’s gone right through the roof, price-wise.

But by sourcing our own bread, we are now cutting out the middleman and offering good value to our supplier. We pay the bakery a fair rate and offer them a good route to market, in exchange for which they agree to keep delivery and handling charges down to a fair level. Results all round, you might say.

This kind of approach has to be way forward, and we’re always on the lookout for similar arrangements with our suppliers. In fact, it’s a key aspect of our planning.

On the bus!

Many of you have been asking us for updates on the Cucina bus. Well, I’m delighted to report that we’re making great progress with it. The actual vehicle is a classic 1967 ‘split-screen’ VW Microbus (which those in the know refer to as a ‘splitty’).

After being stripped down to its bare metal, our microbus has now had its first coat of spray. It will have many more coats after this – this is a painstaking process – but it will look simply fantastic when its paintwork is buffed up to a show shine.

Now this is kind of hard to believe, but when that bus was stripped right back, we couldn’t spot one single bit of filler anywhere on the bodywork. Which means that the coachwork of this particular 1967 ‘splitty’ is in absolutely pristine condition.

After spraying, the bus will head back into the garage for its engine, gearbox, brakes, wiring loom and steering. Then it will be new windows and seals to ensure everything is watertight, after which there will be a complete interior refit: carpets, seats, cupboards and speakers.

When the custom classics and retro people have finished and the vehicle has its Cucina signage, it will be ready to be taxed, MOT’d and driven away.

I really am looking forward to seeing our bus when it’s finished. It will look absolutely gorgeous, with a deliciously authentic Italiano/California retro feel, reflecting the original Cucina 1966 brand. There’s nothing much cooler than that. I’m sure the kids will think so too. Which is all a part of what we’re on about – keeping food fashionable, funky and a whole load of fun.

But what are we actually going to do with our magnificent vehicle, you ask? Well, Ian will be taking round all of our schools where it will play an ongoing and important part at summer barbeques, fruit and veg competitions, demos and all the rest. In fact, you name the Cucina event and our bus will most likely be there – so do keep and eye out for it!

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