Students’ Cooking App is Top Banana

The first iPhone® application designed for students to impress parents and friends with their cooking prowess has been launched by catering experts Cucina.

With a typical ‘fresh thinking’ approach, Cucina, which now caters at 32 restaurants up and down the country, serves fresh food to nearly 30,000 pupils. Cucina emphasises fresh and locally sourced food and also helps the students understand the importance of food provenance. The new app is designed to take these skills into life beyond school.

Steve Quinn, Managing Director of Cucina, said:

“Cucina’s philosophy is to make meals fun and help students to broaden their knowledge and appreciation of good food, prepared well, on a budget.

The new iPhone app puts the student in control and is in response to the fantastic feedback we had after we presented school leavers with our ‘Top Banana’ cards designed as recipe cards with a bit of fun in mind!

The new app brings these cards bang up to date and can be accessed wherever their iPhone or iPad is by budding Nigellas or Jamie Olivers. We know how important it is to deliver good and affordable meals for every pocket, everywhere!”

Jackie Lees, now in the first year at Manchester University said:

“We were given Top Banana cards when I left Cucina meals and I’ve been able to download the app onto my iPhone. Cool! I’ve already tried the Strawberry Shortbreads and making my own pizza dough. My friends were well impressed. They did the washing up for me and want me to do more cooking which is really great!”

Recipes are at three levels ‘assemble’, ‘cook’ and ‘impress’. They are also colour coded to Green – mainly healthy snacks, starters or light bites, Blue – more substantial meals like lunch or tea and Red – mainly naughty but nice desserts and puddings. Ingredients are widely available, nutritional and ‘value’ selected. Each recipe has step-by-step easy-to-follow instructions and is photographed so that students can copy the recipe when serving.

The app is available as a FREE download from the iTunes App Store by searching for ‘Top Banana Recipe Cards’.

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