No Chocolate Brownies left in this Vehicle Overnight

Catering expert Cucina has customized a mini bakery van to deliver fresh food to students at one of its restaurants.

The bakery van, which is based at Queens’ School in Bushey near Watford, transports the delicious food straight from the central kitchen to another service point at the opposite end of the site.

The 1,675 students at Queens’ School are already benefitting from the super-fresh food that Cucina serves; the bakery van is another way of ensuring that the students eat fresh and healthy food throughout their day. The menu includes the ever popular chocolate brownies which are packed with beetroot. Cucina has found innovative ways of disguising vegetables in food served across all of its restaurants throughout the UK, which they refer to as ‘stealthy eating’.

Steve Quinn, Managing Director of Cucina, said:

“The nature of the site at Queens’ School meant that we had to think outside the box to deliver fresh food to the other side of the site, which is across a public road. The mini van is a green and safe way of delivering fresh food. We are careful not to leave chocolate brownies overnight in the van!”

Caroline Pearce, Business Manager at Queens’ School, added:
“The Cucina van is a fun and ingenious way of getting food between our two sites safely, ensuring the food is delivered hot and fresh. It is the sort of innovative idea we have come to expect from Cucina, who are always willing to go that extra step to enhance their service.”

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