Jamie Oliver academies attack risks obscuring school restaurant achievements

Jamie Oliver’s recent attack on Michael Gove’s attitude to school food standards may fool the public into thinking that not much has been achieved in raising nutritional standards in academies, says the head of a UK school catering firm.

Steve Quinn, MD of Cucina Ltd (operating fully-fledged restaurants in 37 UK schools) believes that Jamie Oliver’s recent attack on Michael Gove over school food could lead the general public to believe that not much progress has been made in improving nutritional standards, a notion which he is keen to redress. Mr Quinn said:

“I’m a huge fan of what Jamie has, and continues to achieve in raising awareness of the urgent need for better standards of school food. But I’m also worried that this current debate ignores the the very high standards which we set in our school restaurants.”

Urging the need for strict adherence to basic nutritional standards in all schools, Quinn added:

“We are making tremendous strides in our client schools, offering wide choices of delicious, nutritious food which have tripled and quadrupled uptakes of school dinners. Can’t these kinds of achievements occasionally share the spotlight?”

Quinn welcomed MP Zac Goldsmith’s early day motion to make government guidelines mandatory in all academies, with the added suggestion that successful academy kitchens could be used as models to help inform future legislation.

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