Cucina updates App. Cooking up what kids want

School catering company Cucina has updated its increasingly popular app in time for the release of the iPhone 4S.

Version 2 of Cucina’s ‘Top Banana Recipe Cards’ app has not only been developed to keep up to date with the changing technologies of Apple, but to keep up with the wants and needs of their customers too.

The initial idea of ‘top banana recipe cards’ was to help young school leavers and university students cook simple, healthy, wholesome meals and originally hit the shelves as a series of ‘top trump’ cards in 2009. With the launch of applications for the iPhone the catering experts followed suit and developed the cards into an app, making
the cards more modern and convenient for their young users.

The new version still organises the recipes into three levels to accommodate for all cooking abilities and then
colour codes them to show light bites (green), main meals (blue) and desserts (red), each with step-by-step guides and shopping list, but now users are able to link to facebook and the Cucina team.

In a bid to stay in touch with what their customers want, Cucina have developed the app to allow young cooks to take pictures of their recipe successes and post them on the popular social media site facebook, allowing them to impress friends with their culinary skills and even be rated out of ten by the Cucina team. The link to facebook has also been incorporated to allow the catering company to gain feedback from their customers, helping them to improve their products.

Steve Quinn, Managing Director of Cucina, said: “Cucina’s philosophy is to make meals fun and help students to broaden their knowledge and appreciation of good food, prepared well, on a budget. Our iPhone app puts the student in control and is in response to the fantastic feedback we’ve had from students and parents, who appreciate the extra support it gives their children who are often cooking and planning meals for the first time on their own.”

Version 2 of the App has become even cleverer, allowing people to choose different skill levels and providing them with a shopping list that can be accessed wherever their iPhone or iPad is. We want to get kids cooking and give them the knowledge in steps to help them on their way to becoming master chefs!”

New features of the app include a link to facebook, sharing capabilities with the catering team and the ability to change the serving number on recipes to suit the number that is being cooked for.

The app is available as a FREE download from the iTunes App Store by searching for ‘Top Banana Recipe Cards’.

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