Cucina – Inspiring students to give school meals a try

The School Food Trust has acknowledged the success of education catering specialist Cucina in inspiring students to retry and continue to have school meals, by publishing a ‘best practice’ case study on the subject.

Cucina Restaurants won the contract for Southfield School for Girls in Kettering, Northants back in 2006, a few months after startup. It quickly increased school meal uptake at the school from 10% to 65%. These levels have been maintained ever since, a fact that the School Food Trust felt was worthy of note and including as a published ‘best practice’ type of case study on its website recently.

One of the secrets Managing Director of Cucina, Steve Quinn, reveals is: “We don’t see ourselves as a school meals company, we see ourselves as a good food company. I wanted the dining experience and food to be at the same high standard that you would expect in good restaurants”. He adds; “In many ways the kids are the harshest of food critics but the most supportive, once you get things right.”

The case study contains lots of tips for schools, academies and colleges reviewing their school food provision and talks about ‘stealthy eating’.

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