BBC Professional Masterchef champion comes to Cucina

Star TV chef Ash Mair keen to work with Cucina Restaurants after Harefield Academy meeting

On Monday 25 June, Cucina Restaurants welcomed BBC Professional Masterchef champion Ash Mair to its school restaurant in The Harefield Academy.

Mair, acclaimed as ‘a supreme talent’ by 2 Michelin Star culinary legend Michel Roux Jr, spent the morning meeting Cucina’s team of Executive Chefs and touring the kitchen and Food Theatre before meeting with the academy’s principal Lynn Gadd, herself an enthusiastic ‘foodie’.

This was followed by lunch in the Academy restaurant, a tour of the school allotment and discussions with Cucina’s executive team with a view to future collaboration.

Asked about his impressions of the visit, Ash Mair said:

“It was very interesting to see what Cucina has achieved. Very professional, well thought-through and well planned concepts. I would be interested in getting more involved.”

Principal Mrs Gadd commented:

“We have worked with Cucina for 6 years now and we think they are a fantastic company. They are always looking for improvements, the students like them and uptake has increased massively. Having the inspiration and leadership of people like Ash Mair to talk about the menus, advise on new dishes and engage young people in how we talk about the food is a real win-win situation.”

On the prospect of working with Ash Mair in the future, Cucina MD said:

“I was in awe of everything that Ash achieved in ‘Masterchef The Professionals’ and it was exciting to welcome him along today, to share some of what we are about as a company, to listen to his views and also to discuss ways that he might work with our chef team.”

Cucina’s Executive Chef Ian Morgan was equally enthusiastic. Morgan, whose background includes 5 years as Head Chef for TV’s Gary Rhodes commented:

“Ash is an inspirational guy with some great ideas to share. He’s very down-to-earth as well, and easy to talk to. It would be great to have some of his input in our menu development.”

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