A rewarding ride for Teddington School’s catering staff

Senior staff from school catering company Cucina returned to the floor, taking over from the Middlesex school’s catering team as a reward for their outstanding service.

The constant high standards and ‘can do’ attitudes of the Teddington School’s catering team won them the ‘Cucina’s Restaurant of the Year’ award. This resulted in VIP treatment and a fun day out whilst the management from the school’s catering company Cucina got to work.

Senior members of the management team arrived at the school at 6.00 am, ready to begin sweeping floors, cleaning tables and preparing meals. The winners, who also earned themselves a lie in, were able to watch the process when they arrived at the later time of 9am, after which they departed in their limo for an adventurous day out at Thorpe Park. They also received a certificate of achievement and champagne.

Steve Quinn, Managing Director of Cucina, said:
“This initiative is important to both our high standards and as a reward for achieving them. It is also a great chance for us to refresh our thinking! As a result we have been able to receive first hand reactions to our menus, and also to make small changes to improve the fantastic work that goes on at all of the Cucina catered restaurants around the country.

Most of the senior management team began their working life in a kitchen similar to the one at Teddington. We arrived at 6.30am to ensure we didn’t let the pupils down and really enjoyed our day speaking with the students and teachers and preparing and clearing the dining area. Sweeping floors and cleaning requires the same level of care as preparing fantastic food in the kitchens. I know this, as I did both again today!

Thanks to everyone, colleagues, staff and pupils for making the day such a success and congratulations to the team at Teddington.”

Cucina’s professional and innovative approach includes appointing a Head Chef to oversee service and offering an educational food service which links the classroom to the kitchen.

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