Thoughts for February 2013

More than just horse meat

I am really saddened by this latest crisis to hit the catering and hospitality industry. I feel for the many excellent catering operators who do not deal in processed meat or any other processed food. Quite unfairly, all are coming under the same cloud. And yet despite this, I think good will eventually come out […]

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Cucina’s Executive Group Chef Andy Wilcock appeared on Channel 4 news recently, commenting on the current horse meat food scandal.

Cucina was invited onto the programme to show how, with a more diligent and ethical approach to food sourcing and less reliance on processed foods, this crisis could have been avoided. One Hour Online Loans Cucina does not, never has, and never will use any processed food in its restaurants. We work hard to ensure […]

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It’s only words…

‘Fine words butter no parsnips’ – a great saying when you think beyond its literal meaning. (But if you’re asking, I prefer my parsnips without butter, thank you very much). The lesson here is that any fine words we use in business should have truth behind them. Words spring easily to mind but these can […]

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