Thoughts for July 2012

McDonalds at the Olympics: a food culture that works

I’m just in from Olympic Park, where an amazing and memorable family day out included lunch at McDonalds. Hypocrisy, after all I’ve written and said about ‘junk’ food? You may say so, but let’s put the nutrition argument aside for a moment and just concentrate on the customer experience. It’s true that the McDonald’s building […]

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We don’t need inquiries or a new ‘School Food Plan’ – we need action and we need it now!

As the owner and operator of 40 UK school restaurants feeding around 50,000 young people each day, I can only sum up my response to Michael Gove’s announced ‘School Food Plan’ in one word – ‘stupid’. Forget Jamie Oliver’s argument about the fudging and the time-wasting for a just a moment. (Although I heartily agree […]

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